The Reach of Our Light

Just a little bit of light can go a long way. One of the lights that we typically think of as small, a star, has a burning source millions or billions of miles away, but their light still reaches us.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus presented contrasting representations of light: “a city set on a hill” (Matthew 5:14)—or the combined and collective light provided by a community of people, and a mere candle (v. 15)—or just one of the lights in such a community. I may discount the light I carry, but Christ didn’t. It may not brighten the skyline, but it illuminates my own surroundings, benefiting those who are nearby.

I wanted to illustrate the far reach that even a small light can have when I wrote the Parable of the Porch Light. Joe, the boy in the story, didn’t think the little light outside was much help to anyone, but it made all the difference for his dad, who had to drive home in the dark every evening. Driving out from town, his dad relied on that glimmer to guide him, and it represented the love of his family and their anticipation to see him.

Let what light you have from Christ shine for others, even if you think you carry only a tiny flame. In a world that finds a way to sink to new depths all the time, there are those who want to rise above it. The candle you hold up may be what they need to see to realize that something better is to be found—the gospel of Jesus Christ (3 Nephi 27:13–22). The smallest light can pierce the darkest night and ultimately help lead people to their heavenly home.

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