Are You Stagnant?

Which one of Miriam’s employees might you and I be like? What may be our attitude about continuous spiritual improvement?

Things as They Really Are

Your perception is your reality, and it drives your choices and actions. To make the best choices, we must have the clearest sight, which can come only from God.

Be Not Ashamed

The choice is ours—to let the unpopularity of partaking of the fruit of Jesus Christ’s gospel drive us away from it or to despise the shame that others would heap on us.

There Must Be More

There is a discontent in life that can drive us to truth and light, and there is a counterfeit. The discontent that God wants us to have may lead us to a significant change of scenery.

Paid in Full

A mansion at no cost? Completely unlikely in this world. But isn’t that what Jesus offers us?

Made Whole

Like the wedding gift that I had broken through my carelessness, that which has been damaged in life can be repaired.

Fully Invested in Our Success

Among all the challenges facing us in life, none is greater than the prospect of death and hell. In our otherwise failing venture, success is to be found through the investment of One with infinite capital.

Let Nothing Turn Us Away

Some turned away from Christ because they couldn’t, or refused to, understand His teachings. Today, some leave Him for less. Will you? Will I?

By Our Side for the Journey

Before we started this journey, we probably felt a mixture of emotions. But at least we weren’t going to have to do this alone. That was never the intent.

The Name by Which We Are Called

At the same time as He invites His Church to come to Him collectively, Jesus invites us individually to enter a covenant relationship with Him that can be compared in many ways to that of marriage. But does that mean losing our uniqueness?


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