Parable Library

The Brick Wall

Kara couldn’t believe what had happened to the outside of the historic book shop. It was ruined! What would the owner do?

“I Am Clean”

As a missionary in his youth, Joseph F. Smith experienced a vivid dream that teaches an eternal truth.

The Life Preserver

John boarded the cabin cruiser excited for the day ahead. But he had no idea what waited for him.

The Illness

Three women contracted the same serious disease on the same day, but their reactions were very different.

The Fence-Building Project

Mr. Wheeler showed his son Erik how to accomplish each step of building their new fence, but Erik couldn’t seem to get it right or make much progress.

The Mansion, Part 2

Jack and Francine completed tasks for the foundation’s agent day after day for years, their eyes constantly on their goal. But the agent had a surprise for them.

The Mansion, Part 1

Jack and Francine were the market for a home, but they quickly found that they couldn’t afford much. So why would their agent take them to a mansion?

Karl’s Earbuds

Karl and his friends rented bicycles for a tour of a Mediterranean island city. Karl couldn’t miss a chance to listen to his playlist. How could there be any harm?

The Foreign Adage

Jeanette didn’t know at first what her German neighbor was trying to tell her. But over time, she came to understand.


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