Parable Library

The Hospital

A certain woman was involved in an accident and made her way into town, looking for help. But no one seemed able to offer the help she needed.

One Play at a Time

I don’t normally think in terms of sports analogies, but I recently encountered one that applies both on and off the field.

The Interior Designer

Jack and Kellie were comfortable in their living room—everything was great. Then Kellie’s old know-it-all friend showed up and started giving them suggestions.

The Night Blooms

Gail was eager to show Linda her flower garden, but at the same time she was acting a bit mysterious.

The Survival Kit

Jackson hadn’t given much thought to the survival kit he brought on his hike. But when he found himself off the trail without his friends, he opened it up.

The Shopkeeper’s Bargain

Tony began his backpacking trip with room for souvenirs from his journey, but ever the collector, he quickly found other items to put in his pack.


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