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The Shopkeeper’s Bargain

Tony began his backpacking trip with room for souvenirs from his journey, but ever the collector, he quickly found other items to put in his pack.

The Construction Foreman

Farrell and Declan were longtime construction workers and knew what they were doing. But in spite of Farrell’s standards of excellence on the job site, an error could still happen, as it did on this day.

The Heirloom

Afraid to lose a precious heirloom to looters, a certain main took steps to protect it. But over time, he forgot how wonderful the heirloom was.

The Day Laborer

Georg started out working for Mr. Roth thinking of it like any other job, but after a while he began to feel differently.

Uncle Nathaniel’s Promise

When Uncle Nathaniel told Susanna he was going to do something, he did it. But how would he keep his promise this time?

The Former Friend

Angela made a point of staying in touch with Catharina—for a time. But then circumstances took a sharp turn.

The Man from the Hill

All of the entrepreneur’s efforts to help everyone he could in the community had not reached these.

A Warning at Night

A man hiked alone into the mountains, pitched his single-man tent, and fell deep into sleep, only to be suddenly awakened.