The Day Laborer

Early each morning, Georg walked to the hardware store and stood on the far side of the parking lot with other potential workers, waiting for a foreman or contractor to hire him for a day’s work and pay. He had made his living this way for years, scraping by as he provided for his family.

Then one morning, he was hired by Mr. Roth.

That didn’t seem extraordinary at first. Mr. Roth had a pleasant manner, and he seemed genuinely kind and happy, but all Georg really cared about was getting a day’s work done and taking the money home to his wife so she could use it to buy the groceries they needed. Mr. Roth led Georg and a couple other men on the drive to a property he owned, where they spent the day clearing rocks and weeds from a large area. Mr. Roth paid Georg and the others at sunset, and as the job wasn’t finished, he said he would be looking for workers again the next day.

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Even the Smallest Hurt

By David Armstrong, who writes weekly about prayer at Ere You Left Your Room This Morning

In her talk, “Come Unto Christ and Don’t Come Alone,” in October 2021 general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Sister Bonnie H. Cordon said: “Nothing is too big or too small for Jesus Christ to heal.”

My life contains many large wounds and scars that need Christ’s healing touch. Although I may conceal them from the world and even from close associates, I know they are there, and I long for the day of the Lord when he will heal them.

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The Light Bulbs

A certain family enjoyed having a well-lit home. Large windows on the east and south sides allowed illumination of the common living areas for much of the day. Many lights were fixed to the ceilings, all switched on at sundown to eliminate shadows. Inner rooms also featured several lights apiece, such as a row of light bulbs over each bathroom mirror. Even when melancholy winter skies dimmed the daylight hours, the family kept a cheery atmosphere within.

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“He Must Increase”

During this year, I’ve spent some time in the four Gospels in the New Testament, trying to follow Jesus’s invitation to “learn of me” (Matthew 11:29). In the process, I’ve given thought to why most of the rulers of the Jews at the time rejected Him, and those who believed were afraid to profess that belief. It may be a soul-searching question to ask, “If I had lived at that time, would I have followed Him?” especially at this time of year when much of the world celebrates His birth.

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