The Hapless Mountain Biker

By Darren Eyre and David Armstrong

Bill was excited to introduce his friend, Tom, to the sport of mountain biking. Tom was an experienced road biker, and Bill was sure he would take to mountain biking like jelly takes to peanut butter. Bill had just bought a new mountain bike, and he happily let Tom borrow his old bike.

As the pair sat side by side on their bikes at the top of the trailhead, Bill offered Tom one piece of advice. “The most common mistake new mountain bikers make is to hit a rock on the trail without enough momentum. If you go too slow, the rock will catch your front wheel and cause you to endo.”

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The Hospital

An accident befell a certain woman outside a town she was on her way to visit. Wounded and in pain, she hobbled the rest of the way to find help.

The road leading into town became Main Street. The woman staggered up to the first building she came to. It looked like a business with its neon “OPEN” sign, so she went in. “Oh,” said a man behind a counter. “What happened? Let me help you.” He pulled some money out of a drawer and waved it. “This should do the trick.” The woman blinked and squinted, trying to understand. The man leaned forward. “This is a bank,” he said. “Some money ought to get you on your way. I just need you to fill out some paperwork.”

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One Play at a Time

You may have noticed that not many of the parables on this website have to do with sports. That probably stems from the fact that I don’t often watch or participate in organized sports, so they’re unlikely to be on the brain at any given time.

That said, I’ll admit that a good sports analogy has its place. I see analogies as parables in miniature. One of my kids participated in tackle football recently, and something her coach said on at least a couple of occasions stood out to me as one of those principles you can take with you as you leave the field.

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The Accident and the Snowstorm

By Christine Stuart

Maddie slowed as the semi-truck in front of her pulled to a stop. They had both changed lanes to avoid some semis that were stopped in the far lane, but now it looked like that had been a futile effort to avoid what was to come. She tried to contain her impatience as it became clear nothing was moving. Although she couldn’t see much through the snow that was being blown sideways across the road, she guessed this standstill might be more permanent.

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The Interior Designer

Jack and Kellie had their living room arranged and decorated just the way they liked it. From the choice of colors to the layout of the furniture, the space was comfortable and inviting. The pale, mint-colored walls held pictures of the couple and their favorite places. Modern, minimalist furniture sat arranged just so. An area rug covered a large portion of the hardwood flooring.

Then Kellie ran into an old friend at a public event and invited him to visit.

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