The School Counselor

Mr. Reading opened the door to his office, and the next student, Victor, walked in and slumped into the chair facing the desk. After closing the door, Mr. Reading rounded the desk, took his seat, and greeted Victor. Then he jumped right in. “What are you thinking about doing after high school?”

“I’m going to start a world-famous business,” answered the student. “I’ll get rich, sell my company to the highest bidder, and get even richer. I’ll never have to worry about anything.”

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The Uneaten Food

Luisa sighed. Little dinner plates ringed the tabletop, covered with shreds of chicken, untouched broccoli florets, and fragments of roll. A cup sat by each plate, still half full of milk or water. All the children were off playing, reading, or engaging in other activities leading up to bedtime. Doing something other than eating their dinner.

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The Home Run

By David Armstrong

The coach strode across the baseball diamond to reach Tom, the rookie warming up in left field. “How are you feeling today, Tom?”

Tom grinned his boyish gin. “Great, coach. I’m feeling really good. In fact, I’m feeling so good, you might as well tell the rest of the team to just sit the bench. I think I can handle this whole game by myself.”

The coach chuckled. “Well, I’ll probably send the other guys out anyway, just in case. They need the practice.”

“Okay, coach, whatever you say. But I’ve got a feeling this is my day!”

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The Invasive Grass

Some grasses are pleasing to the eye—fescue or Kentucky bluegrass, for example—and others just aren’t. Where I live, people tend to have lawns with the nicer grasses. But the less appealing grasses try their hardest to get a foothold and then take over.

Yes, you have a variety of leafy weeds like dandelions and bindweed, but then you have grasses that act like the attractive ones but don’t look as nice and spread far more quickly.

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