To Inherit a Kingdom

In his April 2022 general conference address, Elder Adeyinka A. Ojediran of the Seventy began by relating a parable:

A powerful king desired for his son to rule over one of his kingdoms. The prince had to learn and grow in wisdom to sit on the throne. One day, the king met with the prince and shared his plan. They agreed the prince would go to a different town and gain experiences. He would face challenges as well as enjoy many good things there. The king then sent him to the town, where the prince was expected to prove his faithfulness to the king and demonstrate that he was fit to receive the privileges and responsibilities the king had in store for him. The prince was given the liberty to choose to receive these privileges and responsibilities or not, depending on his desires and his faithfulness. I am sure you want to know what happened to the prince. Did he return to inherit the kingdom?

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The Brick Wall

Kara’s stomach tightened when she arrived for her shift at the book shop. A police officer stood at the old, historic brick building’s south side, taking pictures. Large letters written in black spray paint sprawled along its length. Kara looked away quickly when its obscene message began to register in her mind. How could someone do this? The outside of the building was ruined!

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“I Am Clean”

For this week’s parable, I quote a dream that President Joseph F. Smith, sixth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, had when he was a youth. As a missionary serving in Hawaii and struggling to learn the language of the people or preach with any confidence, not to mention without much money to live on, he felt dejected. But his frame of mind changed when the following dream came to him one night.

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The Life Preserver

By David Armstrong

John leaped from the pier to the deck of the cabin cruiser, eager to embark on his day at sea. He grinned as he scanned the eastern horizon barely pink with the first rays of sunlight.

“Welcome aboard!” The captain offered a casual salute. His white uniform contrasted sharply with his deeply tanned, weathered features—the perfect image of a seafaring captain. “Are you ready to catch a big one?”

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