Why Parables?

A parable is a comparison, often in story form, the temporal with the eternal, the mundane with the holy, the physical with the spiritual, in order to teach. During His mortal ministry in the Middle East, and even on a few occasions through a modern-day prophet and apostle, Jesus Christ used this form of teaching to help His disciples learn truth by connecting it with their everyday experiences. The infinite could be made finite and therefore understandable by those with finite capacity. A parable is like a well of water that never runs dry—let down your bucket and come up with more each time.

I enjoy stories and narrative. I perk up when someone in a talk or presentation launches into an experience or anecdote. I share this trait with many, for narrative is a part of our daily experience. “Guess what happened at my friend’s house,” a child may say, then relate a mishap with her bike; or as friends or coworkers, we swap tales about what we did over the weekend. Stories connect us and are a lens for reviewing and considering our past.

As the site’s name suggests, I aim to post a new parable each week. Sometimes they may be more allegorical in nature. I attempt to portray both male and female characters in different light; when characters have names, I have chosen them from my English and German background, and also from Ireland given that I lived there as a missionary, so no cultural favoritism is intended. My hope is these considerations won’t distract from the messages that the parables convey.

This website represents my desire to use stories to highlight principles or aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I will never claim that any parable I write approaches the depth and genius of Jesus’s parables. But thinking about His gospel in this way helps me see through a different lens and therefore learn, so perhaps it will do the same for others.

Through this exercise I also hope to come to know Jesus more deeply. Following Him is the only hope for peace in this world—individually, nationally, and globally. And personally, without Him, I have no chance of being reconciled with God. I invite you to strive to know Him as I hope to.

Ben Minson, Creator
The Weekly Parable

I am entirely responsible for the content I post on this site. While I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, any views I express represent my own understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the scriptures and do not represent the Church nor any of its other members, including general and local leaders.

If you have any questions about the Church’s teachings, please contact me or visit ComeUntoChrist.org.

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