The Mountains in Your Life

I’m convinced that one of the reasons that Heavenly Father organized the pattern of human life the way He did—that is, in families—is to give us His perspective on His dealings with us.

One example is when I tell my kids that they’d be better off listening to their parents and doing things the way we teach them instead of doing it their own way. Of course, sometimes they learn by doing it their own way … that their way isn’t the best way to do it. That there’s a better way that doesn’t involve frustration and tears. We are often so willing to help, but they shortsightedly refuse.

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The Telescope

Recently, to support her homeschooling curriculum, my wife procured a telescope that has a companion mobile app. The telescope had to be calibrated, and the process brought with it an unexpected parable.

My wife downloaded the app and followed the instructions, which directed her to point the telescope at an object at least 100 meters away. Our backyard is much too small for that to work; across the street is a short slope leading to a field and a manmade stream, but nothing out there is large enough to focus on. With the telescope standing on its tripod in our driveway, my wife saw the perfect object to use.

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