The Mountains in Your Life

I’m convinced that one of the reasons that Heavenly Father organized the pattern of human life the way He did—that is, in families—is to give us His perspective on His dealings with us.

One example is when I tell my kids that they’d be better off listening to their parents and doing things the way we teach them instead of doing it their own way. Of course, sometimes they learn by doing it their own way … that their way isn’t the best way to do it. That there’s a better way that doesn’t involve frustration and tears. We are often so willing to help, but they shortsightedly refuse.

The Parable of the Boulders in the Yard tells a similar story. You have Grant, who represents all of us and sets about to do something that seems easy, seems like it should work. He relies on his own efforts to get it done. And Grant’s own strength is insufficient for the task at hand. But then there’s his neighbor, Preston, who has the mini-excavator that can make quick work of the boulders. Of course, Preston represents the Lord, and the mini-excavator represents His power and His way. Some effort is still required of Grant; he must ask in the first place, and then he must assist with attaching the boulders to the bucket with straps. But on his own, he doesn’t have the power, and his efforts in reality activate the greater power.

Why wouldn’t we want to take advantage of such power when it’s available to us? But there are times when we insist on breaking our own backs with the effort of something difficult.

Doing it our own way is like choosing a rickety rope bridge when there’s a bridge constructed of concrete and steel within walking distance. But for some reason, we choose the harder way.

Jesus’s enabling power is available to us every day, particularly if we have made covenants with Him.

President Russell M. Nelson has taught:

My dear brothers and sisters, my call to you … is to start today to increase your faith. Through your faith, Jesus Christ will increase your ability to move the mountains in your life, even though your personal challenges may loom as large as Mount Everest. …

Know the doctrine of Christ so that you understand its power for your life. Internalize the truth that the Atonement of Jesus Christ applies to you. He took upon Himself your misery, your mistakes, your weakness, and your sins. He paid the compensatory price and provided the power for you to move every mountain you will ever face. You obtain that power with your faith, trust, and willingness to follow Him. …

The more you learn about the Savior, the easier it will be to trust in His mercy, His infinite love, and His strengthening, healing, and redeeming power. The Savior is never closer to you than when you are facing or climbing a mountain with faith. …

Your growing faith in Him will move mountains—not the mountains of rock that beautify the earth but the mountains of misery in your lives. Your flourishing faith will help you turn challenges into unparalleled growth and opportunity.

“Christ Is Risen; Faith in Him Will Move Mountains”

Many times, Christ’s power may seem to us to be theoretical, but I assure you that it’s real. He has moved obstacles that I could not move or helped me surmount them when I could not do so on my own. He really does possess power infinitely greater than yours or mine.

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One thought on “The Mountains in Your Life

  1. armstrong258wp 9 April 2022 / 9:25 am

    Amen! There really is power in Christ when we ask for it, believe it, and wait for it. Sometimes He lets us struggle on our own for a while to allow us to come to the conclusion that we truly need help before He steps in. It is when we are most convinced that we are insufficient on our own that He lends us His infinite sufficiency. Belief and asking are important, but so is patience.


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