The Best Chocolate

A young boy decided he wanted to show his mother that he loved her, so he asked his dad for some money to buy her some candy. Knowing that his wife’s favorite treat was a Belgian chocolate bar and therefore cost more than a Milky Way, Dad gave his son several dollars to be sure to cover the purchase. They walked down to the grocery store, where the boy insisted on doing this himself while Dad waited outside. So Dad told him the name of Mom’s chocolate bar and where to find it.

The boy went to the candy aisle. Wow! So many sweet-looking treats, and here he was with money in hand. He walked slowly back and forth. What was it Dad had said Mom’s favorite was called? He couldn’t quite remember, and anyway, she would probably like anything he picked out. Moms are like that.

He saw a couple of the kinds of candy he liked the best. He looked at the prices displayed on the shelf and then at the money in his hand. If I get one of each of these, I’ll still have enough for something for Mom. So he grabbed his two favorites and then found a small, simple Hershey’s bar, and went to the checkout lines.

As soon as the checker gave him the few coins in change and the candy in a grocery bag, the boy opened his prizes and quickly ate the best flavors. Then he put them back in the bag and ran outside to join Dad.

At home, the boy found his mother and proudly gave her his purchases, announcing, “I got you your favorite candy!” She beamed as she took the bag from him. But her smile faded for a moment as she saw the partially eaten contents and the Hershey bar, none of which of course was her preference.

She smiled again at her son and said, “Thank you.” The boy skipped off happily to play, leaving Dad behind to try explaining what had happened.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Chocolate

  1. Maerhwyn 20 June 2021 / 9:13 pm

    Sounds like something my kids would do. But I’m sure I do the same thing to God–say I’ll do a good thing, then get it half done. I’m full of good intentions.


    • Ben Minson 21 June 2021 / 11:57 am

      Good intentions are an important aspect of the story, for sure. With God being fully aware that we’re imperfect and developing, I imagine the only good intentions that He doesn’t have much use for are those that never lead to action. President Russell M. Nelson has said, “The Lord loves effort” (in Joy Jones’s talk in April 2020 general conference).


  2. Kay 6 June 2022 / 7:24 pm

    So sad. 😦


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