Of Wemmicks and Woodcarvers

Somehow, our family ended up with a copy of a children’s book by Max Lucado, a pastor in San Antonio, Texas. I don’t remember how we obtained it, and we no longer have it, but I like the message of the book You Are Mine.

This book and its sequels are about fictional beings called Wemmicks who were created by a woodcarver named Eli. Lucado teaches some Christian principles through these stories. The stories center around Punchinello, one of the Wemmicks, who learns through his experiences about his inherent value as a creation of the woodcarver. (Warning: spoilers ensue.)

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Be Not Ashamed

Have you ever been embarrassed to be around or with someone? I have, and in one case the feeling was profound.

About a dozen years ago, I attended a conference held by a professional society I belonged to. My wife and I saw an opportunity to experience a new place together, so she joined me on the trip and we spent the evenings together. (One of my coworkers who was attending also had his wife with him, so the two women got to hang out while the conference sessions were going on.) As is typical for such events, we went to dinner with other conference goers.

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