The Porch Light

Dusk settled over the valley, the worn mountains to the west silhouetted against the remnants of fading sunlight. At this time of year, with the days shortening, Dad got home from work after dark.

“Joe, honey,” said Joe’s mom over her shoulder as she finished washing some dishes, “please go turn the porch light on.”

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The Worth of This Gift

The greatest stage production of the universe is going on right now—and the action is happening on Earth. We all have a part to play in making it successful. The Lord is giving directions, and it behooves us to hear Him.

Just like Mr. Stewart in the Parable of the Associate Director, God knows what we need to do, what He wants us to become, and what He is doing. But the parable was less about the director than it was about his associate director.

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Miriam’s Employees

Miriam, the manager of a small sales team, attended a training meeting about the development of the organization’s employees using a new program. The instructor taught the managers how to help each professional identify strengths and set goals to improve. Miriam became excited about how her team could increase their performance if she worked with each member on furthering their skills.

However, as Miriam held one-on-one meetings with her team members and explained the concept, she met with very different reactions.

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