The Laboratory Assistant

Christopher felt it an honor to have been selected to work with Dr. Baxendale as a lab assistant. Dr. Baxendale, an accomplished scientist and researcher, was always driven by curiosity and constantly came up with new hypotheses to test. She seemed to have a knack for asking the questions that led to deeper insight.

After they had worked together for about two years, however, Christopher became concerned with Dr. Baxendale’s newest theories. He could see that pursuing them would take their experiments and research in a direction that at the very least skirted the edges of a century of accepted science. It might quite possibly break those boundaries. Christopher feared that their experiments and their findings would be unpopular with the broader scientific community, and his association with and participation in them could bring long-term, negative repercussions for his career.

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Repost: The Man from the Hill

This week, I thought I’d post a link to a parable from about a year ago. This one typifies our Savior Jesus Christ and His condescension from heaven in order to help us.

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