The Retirement Account

Early in their marriage, Matt and Rebekah decided to plan ahead for their retirement and make sure they had ample money to live on. By necessity, they lived in the city to be close to their workplaces, but they couldn’t imagine retiring here. They wanted to live and enjoy life somewhere much more scenic and both relaxing and invigorating.

Over the next year, they researched many places and found one several hundred miles away that seemed like an optimal place to spend their golden years. They found a reputable financial institution in that location and began placing some of their income each month in a retirement account there.

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Not Lost to Him

Sometimes, each for individual reasons, disciples of Christ can become lost. We may become estranged from God, turning our backs on Him and running out into the night, as it were.

As if we could find a better offer out there.

But other times, we don’t get completely lost like that. Just a little lost—stepping off the path to explore other options a mite. Just in case we can pick up a few things to take with us back to the strait and narrow. And maybe we aren’t so quick to get back on the path. Maybe we try to walk in the same general direction as the strait and narrow but meander and take our time.

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Two High-School Students

Penelope and Janice attended high school together and were both what everyone considered good students and good kids. Both listened in class, studied hard, passed their exams, and completed their projects with high marks. However, one of them flourished and developed more than the other.

Penelope focused on her schoolwork and on staying out of trouble. Her aim for good grades crowded out other activities. As a result, she didn’t know other students well, and all anyone really knew about her is that she was at the top of her class and always had the right answers. No one tried to tempt her to engage in delinquent behavior because they always figured she was too busy studying. Years after graduation, not many people remembered Penelope’s name, but they remembered she was smart and always stayed on the teachers’ good side.

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